My Purpose is to share how life works. So how do I know how life works?

The first 16 years of my life were chaotic. Details are not important; suffice to say I may not have survived these years. However, my vision was strong that I would write a handbook for life, work as a psychologist and live in a big house on acreage. Everyone told me this could not be done and their reasons were solid. I had left school at 15, wasn’t good at English so couldn’t possibly write a book or study at university. Plus we had grown up poor how could we possibly buy a house, especially a big house on acreage.


The next 16 years I healed myself through understanding how the mind works, created a stable family with two children; Completed studies in applied science and psychology. My husband, secured a good job after years of night school, I worked five nights a week waitressing, to complete my degree, so our children were not in full time day care.


During this time, life happened. Dad died of cancer, our home was destroyed in a tornado and our son was run over by a car in a six week period. We didn’t cope. As a family we sold up everything, packed the children into a caravan to travel around Australia for six months. Everyone told us we shouldn’t do this…we were making an enormous mistake, running away never solves anything. However, this six months was pivotal, no radio, television, phone or news. We felt free and safe! And we needed this time and space to recover.


By the age of 32, I had healed my past and most importantly knew my Nature, Place and Purpose. Ideally, we need to know this by the time we enter adulthood.

Three years later I had written three books, started my psychology practice and was living in a house on acreage.


Journey to the centre of your life – the map was described by a mental health professor as ‘the nearest thing to a handbook for life’.

Journey to the centre of your life – your compass

Stuck! 20,000 leagues from the centre of your life – a workbook

Around your life in 80 pages – a diary.

My vision was my reality at 32! Through wisdom I was able to transform my life.

Over the next 16 years, through wisdom I taught thousands of people to transform their lives. Living, loving and learning my nature, place and purpose, seeking out teachers of wisdom, travelling, read thousands of books, embedding myself in Aboriginal culture, researching for a PhD, integrating this knowledge into practice through meditation, yoga, art, song, dance story and language.

In 2014, I completed Realm Theory – a theory of everything, a mathematical proof of how everything is connected in a single meta-pattern that follows the laws of quantum chaos. This is how life works. Life flows through eight phase spaces, each entity has their own unique energy pattern that is connected across 11 dimensions and seven generations back in time and seven generations forward in time all the while connecting and integrating with other entities’ energy patterns.

Just as I was about to transform Realm Theory into simple visual concepts. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Realising that healing breast cancer was beyond my capabilities, I needed to trust a team of experts; both medical and spiritual. However, the cancer is an entity with it’s own energy pattern, but the source was me, I needed to go on a deep unconscious journey into the family soul, that has taken well over seven years. The ramifications are still being felt throughout the family.


Finally, now I am able to share this wisdom of how life works for people with my next series of books. These five foundational books are connected and if everyone could learn, practice and share this knowledge we could unify humanity.

The foundational five books:

Law of the land


Nature, Place and Purpose

Live, Love and Learn

Collective, Circular Collaboration.

My vision today is to build a WISDOM in Your Life Empire. I need to trust in other people to build Wisdom Hubs around the world based upon Realm Theory.


Each hub can share one or all of the following.

  1. Healing Minds
  2. Connecting People
  3. Creating Cultures
  4. Knowing How Life Works  

This is the relationship between the books.