Stuck! 20,000 leagues from the centre of your life.

This workbook has over 150 activities for people to find ‘their compass’. Each activity takes you through ‘the map’. Stuck! 20,000 leagues from the centre of your life uses a metaphorical castle and each activity page is a key to a door. If you can do the activity easily then the door is already open. If the activity is difficult for you, the door is probably closed. When all your doors are open you will be able to live your best life. Each chapter focuses on another part of your life with the first activities in each chapter less challenging that the activities later on in the chapter.

Each activity in this workbook have been used for over 15 years. There is a range of activities, some of which ask you to record things you do, say or think; some ask questions; some are challenges and some ask you to listen to the CD and paint what you see.

In the downloadable version, the meditation CD file is too large for automatic download. It will follow manually.

This book is the most practical – people can do the activities and repair their lives without understanding how it works

Applications of ‘the workbook’

As a resource for Life Journey Clubs

Small groups of community people get together to work through the workbook and build deep meaningful connections with people in your community

As a resource for Therapists

Many therapist use the activities within the Stuck book to give their clients homework. Each activity can then be discussed in the next therapy sessions. This enables an experienced therapist to target areas of need.

As a workbook for couples.

While this book doesn’t focus on the relationship it does focus on the person and this is a great and sometimes fun way to really get to know someone. Over the years many couples have worked through this together or separate and then come together to share.

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