Journey to the centre of your life – Your Compass

This book uses a metaphorical compass that every person has within themselves that shows their direction to the centre of their life. ‘Your compass’ has a core that you were born knowing and a sphere of knowledge that you learn from your experiences. In an ideal world ‘your compass’ would be used to show you the way, but in our society there are too many distractions and many people do not look inside themselves to find their ‘compass’.

Journey to the centre of your life – your compass challenges you to become aware of who you are, not who you think you are or who other people think you are. Many people are using someone else’s compass or have lost touch with their own compass and are driven by external forces!


This is the most important book and forms the basis of future work. 

Applications: of ‘your compass’

As a framework for balance and harmony

By using the compass model we can map onto this where we spend our time and energy – be it external or internal, conscious or unconscious and whether we are growing in a single dimension or multidimensionally. We facilitate training in this.

As a framework for history taking in health

By using ‘your compass’ model, professional health care can take a history on the different aspects of someone’s life, physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and the surroundings that they live in. This can give an overall ‘picture’ of someone’s life and deficits and strengths can be uncovered easily. Also as a professional knowing the energy connections throughout the compass we can develop treatment protocols based upon this.

Finding your Core Nature

By understanding your ‘core nature’ that you were born with, which is a blueprint for your life people can find freedom in this. For the first time their life makes sense to them. While there are eight different core natures, understanding how we connect and relate to the other core natures, we can find harmony in the things we do. We facilitate a one day workshop as part of Nature, place and purpose.

As a Life educational framework

Using the compass model allows educators to provide comprehensive holistic education on many life issues. By exploring the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and the surroundings of things like drug and alcohol education, which typically focuses on the physical impact of long term use. Does not explain that most people start using for emotional, social and/or surroundings reasons not physical reasons. Some people use for spiritual reasons. Our professional six day training examines these issues.  

Becoming Captain of your life

The compass model is used in Earth School 1 in the ‘boat’ model. This framework is a step by step activities for people to build a sense of who they are. Ideally, this is complete by the time people leave school – all parts of the boat are connected and integrated with the water conditions  and know how to negotiate storms created by other people.

Becoming a trainer of Earth School 1.

The compass model is used to train trainers to have school/universities or inductions for workplaces, with a trainer to provide feedback and direction.

As a team building from the inside out framework

Using the compass model allows teams to identify the ‘core nature’ of the team and explore the strengths and weaknesses within the team. In addition, how the energy flows through to the wider community from this team. Interestingly, some team leaders ‘automatically’ hire people like them, yet the team compass requires inclusion and diversity to make it strong. 

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